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Are you looking for the Pilot’s Best Gifts Ideas or an Aviation fan? For him or for her we have the gift you need

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10 favorite Pilot gift ideas for aviation enthusiasts

Looking for a gift idea for an aviation fan?

You have a relative who loves airplanes and you would like to please him/her? Child (girl or boy) or adult (man or woman), birthday, Christmas, Father's and Mother's Day, or for any other occasion, you would like to make an original airplane gift that is sure to please.

Here is for you a selection of 10 gift ideas that will hit the bull's eye even if you don't know anything - or so little - about the world of aeronautics.

There's something for every budget: from a cheap gift like an airplane keychain, to the faithful leather replica of the Aviator Jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the cult movie Top Gun.

Follow our selection with your eyes closed and find the gift guaranteed 100% satisfaction for your little budding aviator who dreams of joining the air force later on, your spotter cousin who spends his weekend taking pictures of airliners taking off, or your retired airline pilot uncle.

You will also notice that the world of aviation is not exclusively male with ideas in spades (decoration, jewelry and clothing) for women and girls.

Idea 1 : A Model Airplane

What could be more logical than offering an aviation lover a model airplane?

But not just any model! Be original and make sure to please with a faithful metal or resin airplane model of the most emblematic airliners and fighter planes (fighters, bombers, military aircraft) in the History of Aviation.

An additional advantage? Our miniature aircraft are delivered assembled, painted and decorated for immediate display!

This is ideal for Aviation enthusiasts who no longer have the time (or the eyes) to assemble and paint models with quality finishes.

It is also perfect for younger people who don't want to waste time building a complicated model with the risk that it will be missed. Here the model is nickel, with an authentic pad-printed decoration.

Our bestsellers are an ideal and risk-free choice to start or complete a collection that will shine brightly on a desk, shelves, bedroom or living room.

Idea 2 : An Aviation Decoration

Give an incredible look to a bedroom, office or living room with a unique aero decoration that will catch the eye of any aviation fan. Wow" effect guaranteed! Discover a whole range of original and unique gifts.

An aviation comforter cover

Offer a sublime aeronautical decoration as well as a warm and peaceful sleeping environment with an Airplane Duvet Cover!

A nice cover is essential to protect the comforter from stains and humidity. It will keep its softness and freshness longer. And it will last longer.

Hypoallergenic, soft, light and breathable, these Airplane Duvet Covers, in addition to being beautiful, can be installed in a flash to sublimate children's or adult bedrooms.

Their easy maintenance thanks to the wrinkle-free polyester fabric avoids long and tedious hours of ironing. All sets are available in several sizes for single or double beds and are supplied with pillowcases.

An airplane poster

What aviation fanatic doesn't display his Passion with Posters? Here's an airplane gift idea that will please an adult as well as a child.
Good news, the largest collection of Airplane Posters is just a click away.
Exclusive models that cannot be found in stores, wrinkle-proof, almost tear-proof, light, durable, you just need to pin them up in seconds to admire them for years to come!

A multicolored 3D plane lamp : 3d airplane lamp

This is an unusual gift that will please many by bringing a magical aeromagic touch to any interior.
Ideal bedside lamp in a bedroom, it will also serve as a night light that will allow a child to fall asleep in complete serenity. It will transport him to dreams as relaxing as colorful and exotic. As a desk lamp, its warm and soft light will be conducive to a calm and serene working atmosphere.
In the living room, its fascinating design will be immediately noticed by any guest.
The multiple colors of the lamp will bring a unique light that will totally transform the atmosphere according to your desires.

An airplane sticker : Sticker plane

Planes full of walls! Wall stickers (and for cars) fighter planes, airliners or cartoon there is something for all tastes and all ages. These stickers allow you to easily and uniquely decorate any room, from the living room to the baby's or boy's room or the bathroom...

Idea 3 : An Aviator Jacket Aviator Jacket

The Aviator Jacket is classy and fashionable.

It makes you dream and attracts envious glances...

It is also ideal to protect from cold and bad weather.

The perfect gift for all those who have a passion for aviation in their skin?

Aviator Jacket Man : Indulge yourself with authentic replicas of the A-2 and G-1 Aviator Jackets of American pilots or their trendy modern versions.

The perfect gift for a man on the theme of aviation that will put him in the skin of a real pilot! 1) TOP GUN JACKET :

Maverick Top Gun Jacket This Top Gun Aviator Jacket is the exact replica of the US Navy G1 Jacket worn by Maverick (Tom Cruise) in the movie Top Gun.

The Top Gun Jacket is made of genuine leather and has the same patches (badges) that the star wears in the cult movie.

The must to have this aviator look so sought after...

A Bomber

You prefer to offer a Bomber, lighter and ideal for the nice season (but not that)?

Hyper comfortable and very pleasant to wear in cold or wet weather (and in fact in all seasons), the Bomber has become very fashionable today.

An Aviator Watch Aviator Watch

The Aviator Watch is synonymous with Class, Prestige and Style.
Nothing better than a beautiful Aviator's Watch on your wrist to display your Passion for Aviation.
Discover in our Men's Watch and Women's Watch selections, the gift to offer to make the one you want to spoil take off with pleasure.